Are we strangers in our own Neighbourhood?

Many suggest that we got disconnected from the physical world. In other words we are strangers in our own neighbourhood.

The very recent floods in Chennai, India, natural calamities  bring to the fore the need for getting connected with near by.

Even in normal times we do get benefited if we know our physical world better.  When I say, physical world, it constitutes places and people.

Places: Which are the near by Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, entertainment places transit/parking facilities etc.
Information: When shopping, knowing which are the offers near my location helps make decisions faster.
People: Find people near by, to ask or seek.

The list is endless.Neighborhood Places from a couch

Mass migration is an ongoing phenomena. Migration from Rural to Urban happening globally, especially in major asian economies like India and China. Millions migrating in China, Infographic Animation. Migration to & with in Europe also has been in recent news. What this means is that even if one is not new, the neighbourhoods are changing, more so, rapidly. Staying connected with the neighbourhood is important. #Reconnect

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Finding people and placesSenthil Manoharan, a Bangalore student wrote to us “I have just now started to use the Orbyo. I find it very useful, as my college is present in the outskirts of Bangalore, I was feeling difficult to get some good places around my college to hangout. With the help of Orbyo it is easier for me to get to know around the place and it has even suggested me a good cafe nearby to hangout.”

Senthil is no longer a stranger in his neighbourhood.


A key component of our being, Places, is missing in digital world

Our world is connected, moving faster and getting closer through digital innovations. This has transformed our lives. In terms of how we communicate, move, share, even think & act. Changes in many cases are disruptive.

Places in gadgets

All our information including hundreds of contacts, latest world news, network of thousands of friends, business dashboards, almost all information is on our fingertips. Except, Places.

We still have places in physical business cards, than in digital form. Hardly we have any places (Addresses) saved in our mobiles or gadgets.

True, with online maps and GPS, getting direction is far easier. However, places have much more to do than just getting direction. Places define our physical world. By getting places digital, we are effectively reducing the gap with physical and virtual.

A couple of years back, I travelled to a relatively remote place to address students in one of the Indian Institute of Managements (IIM). I was not aware that a colleague and family friend was near by. Missed the opportunity to meet with a wonderful person. It happened again in LA, with another friend.

With places stored digitally I could have explored what is nearby.


Let us examine, what improvements could get places to the digital world.

  • We need an innovative short and simple identification of the place.
    • At present the representation is an un-standardised address or an illegible map link.
  • This new identification should contain all aspects of the place
    • It should have accurate coordinates, a brief, photos &  enable navigation
  • The new identification should be unique.
  • Other’s place that I stored might change
    • When a person or organisation shifts location, it needs to be communicated.

If the above criteria is met, it could motivate people to store places in their devices. Right?

We conceptualised “ORBYO”, to incorporate all the above and more.

In a world where people relate to people (P2P), ‘places  could be best defined by putting ‘people first.  Let us see how.

Orbyo# is a personalised short and simple representation which is unique and contains all the aspects of place.

Prakash defined his work place in Orbyo as PRAKASH.WORK. Prakash is the unique Orbyo# and Work is the name of place. PRAKASH.WORK has the geo cordinates, address text, place title, photos, brief description etc. To share just say “Come to PRAKASH.WORK”

Orbyo# is your permanent address.

Prakash currently works in Bangalore. When he shifts his work he could just update his orbyo place. No hassle of communicating to all your connects “Hey, My office got shifted to the next building”. Thus O#PRAKASH.WORK is his permanent link to work place ( Prakash can add other places as well. PRAKASH.HOME, PRAKASH.CLUB, PRAKASH.ALMAMATER etc.

Like to digitise your places, download orbyo app or Sign up is at present by invite only. Send us a Invitation Request at

Orbyo helps connect you to multiple places & its neighborhoods. In future it could even help identify who in your network is near by. With Internet of Things and real time communication, the use cases are more. That’s next.


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